Real or Not Real?

aMour Boutique  Georgia

Real or Not?

In a world full of e-commerce it is important to know if the company on the other side of the screen is real or not.  When we say real, we mean a real boutique, not someone on the other side of a computer screen with pictures taken from other websites trying to sell something.  In other words, we mean legit!
We have personally been in situations where we order something and it is not as it is pictured and/or it takes FOREVER to get what we purchased.  
One way to identify an impostor boutique is an overuse of model pictures.  Typically, the pictures are swiped from other manufacturers and/or boutiques and used for marketing to get your money in advance without having the merchandise in stock.  
We know what you are going to say - aMour Boutique GA uses industry model pics.  Yes, we do, in conjunction with real pictures as well.  However, the model pictures we use are provided to aMour Boutique directly from the manufacturer when we purchase the product.  We are given permission to use them and own them once we purchase the products.  We use them for two reasons:
1.  Mary was pregnant when we started the boutique and was not able to model the clothing.  Now, when she can, she does Facebook and Instagram live videos showcasing the clothing. Check out our YouTube Channel to view try-ons.
2.  Mary is still adjusting to being a new mother and Madison's schedule dictates Mary's schedule, and is learning her new normal, which makes photo shoots a challenge.  However,.....
When we get models we use them and market them along with the model pics we get from the manufacturer.  
We use flat lays which gives a different perspective.  As we grow we will have more modeling pictures.  Stay tuned for our Spring/Summer 2020 line :)
One thing that is important to know is that aMour Boutique does not add products that we do not have in stock.  If it is a very popular item, we have offered a pre-sale, which is rare.
We want our customers to be treated like we want to be treated as a customer.  We ship within 24 -48 hours unless we are on vacation.  In which case a notice is displayed on the website as to when orders will ship.  
When determining if a boutique is legit - look for the following:
  • Contact Information - a legit boutique will list contact information
  • Customer Feedback - a legit boutique will have customer feedback - Check out our customer testimonial section 
  • Look for grammatical and spelling errors - while we are not perfect, we do strive to be accurate with grammar and spelling

We hope this information helps.  Please let us know if you would like for us to feature certain products.  We go to the mart in January and spring fever is hitting us already!  We are very excited about our spring line and are looking to add to it so let us know what you are looking for.


Peace and Blessings - Your aMour Family

Baby Madison, Mary Peters, and Sharon McLaughlin