Eco Green Active Wear

In a world of overused plastics polluting our lands and oceans a company has found a useful way to re-purpose these plastics into fibers for active wear!  aMour Boutique is thrilled to offer a new eco-friendly, GREEN active wear.   

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world next to the oil industry?  Fun Fact:  It takes fossil fuels to create fabrics like polyester, nylon, and viscose. 

The Eco line of athletic wear uses 100% recycled polyester or 100% recycled nylon.  

Unlike cotton, virgin polyester and virgin nylon fibers aren't found in nature, and it takes human ingenuity to discover it and perfect it.

Polyester, which is a polymer, can be found in plastic, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. And yes, you have probably seen photos of PET bottles littering the beach. They're not just unsightly, they're also terrible for the environment. Polymers may take thousands of years to decompose and break down, so why not recycle them?



Some items from our Green active wear line use 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. Post-consumer because the polyester chips came from PET bottles and other recyclable polymer items.

These 100% recycled polyester fibers are from a Chinese company called Jiaren. Jiaren is a joint venture between the Tokyo-based, Japanese company Teijin Ltd., and Jinggong Holding Group, a Shaoxing-based international enterprise in environment management. Teijin perfected the use of ECO-CIRCLE technology, which enables polymer to be recycled without losing its quality.

The rest of the  active wear use 100% pre-consumer-recycled nylon. During production, tons of nylon fabrics become scraps. The recycling industry collects these scraps and turns them into nylon chips, that they later spin into nylon threads ready to be woven into active wear.

The 100% recycled nylon fibers come from GREENLON nylon yarns. The production of these yarns saves energy up to 8.5%, water consumption up to 84%, whilst reducing CO2 emission up to 77% compared to virgin nylon fibers.

By now, you've probably seen active wear with recyclable fabrics being sold for hundreds of dollars. Well, not ours.  We believe that an active life is crucial - this is exactly why we offer active wear to our customers.